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How can someone upload files to me?

CJ Gill
posted this on May 8, 2009, 12:40 PM

Your clients/customers can upload files to you if they know your email address and LeapFILE secure file exchange website link. Here are the steps:-

  • Ask the client to visit your LeapFILE webpage. For example - or in some cases
  • You can find your company's web site address (URL) using an email address here->
  • Click 'Upload Files" and type the recipient email address. Only email addresses associated with your account can receive transfers.
  • The Sender must enter their contact information (name and their email address) then click the "Select files and folders to send" button.
  • You will recieve email notification about incoming files. You can also check incoming files under your LeapFILE account -> Transfers-> Incoming Transfers.
  • You can download, forward,delete or copy them to repository or portal as well.

Note:- Files uploaded to you will not count towards your transfer quota as long as they are not downloaded.By default, the maximum file size allowed is 2000MB. If you need to receive files greater than this size, please let us know and we will increase the limit.